The Zara Sling-Backs Everyone Will Be Wearing

Zara sling-back shoes SATC
Photo by Zara

In a great line of coats, dresses and other garments from Zara we just can’t seem to stop seeing absolutely everywhere come the turn of the season, a new pair of sling-back shoes that look not unlike a pair of Manolo Blahnik’s look set to capture the wallets of budget fashionistas the length and breadth of the country next season.

The hot pink sling-blacks, with a satin finish, a bejewelled broach and a practical kitten heel, look like something Carrie Bradshaw has fished out of her wardrobe.

Zara sling-back shoes SATC
How cute are those buckles?

Only these wear-with-most-things bad boys ring in at £49.99. The Manolo equivalent? Higher, less practical, and worth a cool £700 +. That’s a month’s rent where we come from.

(London, if you’re asking. There’s a housing crisis on.)

Fancy a pair? Head on over to Zara’s website now while they’re still in stock. May the force of Sex And The City be with you.

Manolo Blahnik heels
Here’s the real thing. Can anyone be bothered to walk in those heels though? – Photo by Manolo Blahnik

But only the series. The movies were just too terrible to draw upon.

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