Attention All Zara Fans – There Is A Secret Endless Sale Section


Every change of season seems to be an excuse for a sale in the world of high street retail at the moment. But what if we did away with seasons altogether and just had one long endless year of discounted fashion? We’d shop like animals, we tell you. ANIMALS.

Well, the clever folk at Zara appear to have cottoned onto the fact we’re slightly feral, and have introduced a (kind of) secret sale section on their website full of items at knock down prices.

How do you find it? When on the home page, click the option labelled “WOMEN” and scroll down the list until you get to “Special Prices”. Then remember you’ve got rent and a potentially escalating student loan to pay, and go wild in there.

From off the shoulder ruffle dresses for £12.99 to leather-bound wedges for £19.99, there’s something for everyone tucked away in there for less than you’d expect.

Plus, this gold metallic skirt is £9.99. No idea where or when we’d wear it but… It’s £9.99!

Seriously, get over there.

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