You Can Now Buy The Zara Dress Of The Summer For £20

Zara Dress - £20

The British summer is unpredictable at the best of times. Hence, we’ve just had a week of weather so hot, we’ve been struggling to sleep anywhere but on the cool kitchen floor, and now more rain has fallen in 12 hours than in the last six months put together.

I’ve been out in the sun dressed like a walking picnic ☀️

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What we need for seasons like ours is a versatile piece of clothing that nails the styling brief of the summer (in this case, frills, statement sleeves and gingham), can be dressed up or down and layered in case of temperature rises and plummets.

Hence, this Zara dress has been one of the most popular purchases of the year, and now, it’s in the sale for a very reasonable £20, down from £29.99.

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It’s available in red and blue, and waiting for you to place it in your basket if you haven’t got one already.

Find it online here or pop to your nearest Zara shop to make a purchase.

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