You’re Going To Want Everything In Lush’s Halloween Collection

Lush Halloween
Lush's Halloween collection is scarily good (Lush)

We all love a Lush bath bomb and shampoo bar at the best of times, but this month the British cosmetics brand has levelled up for an extra special occasion: Halloween.

For those who enjoy nothing more than whacking on a horror film and gorging on bags of sweets meant for trick-or-treaters on 31 October, this new collection is truly going to rock your spooky world.

Of course, Lush’s bath bombs have been given a Halloween makeover, starting with The Pumpkin King (which fizzes orange, obvs), £4.25, and Monsters’ Ball, £4.50, which promises to leave you feeling “Franken-fine all night long”. We’re sold on that wordplay alone.

One of our personal favourites though is the Bewitched Bubble Bar, £4.25, which comes shaped like a cute black cat and turns your bath into a dark, gloomy and bubbly delight. Perfect for a night in when you literally cba to put on a costume and go out.

But the spookiness doesn’t stop there, as the new Ectoplasm Jelly Bomb, £4.95, spreads a gooey jelly across the surface as the bomb fizzes. It’s a lot nicer than it sounds, we promise.

And if you thought that was enough for this year, you’d be wrong. There are also a range of soaps, shower creams, shimmer bars, lip tints and gift sets to enjoy if none of the above take your fancy. Good luck leaving Lush without a very full basket and with a very full bank account.

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