You Can Now Buy A Pot Moulded In The Shape Of Your Boobs

These boob pots are pretty amazing (Pot Yer Tits Away Luv)

In today’s edition of ‘things I didn’t expect to see on the internet’, we’re bringing you a new pottery phenomenon in the shape of a pair of marvellous boobs, because, why not?

That’s right, you can now get an actual replica of your very own breasts carved, moulded and stuck onto the front of a pot, all in the name of home decor and empowerment.

Cleverly named ‘Pot Yer Tits Away Luv’, the project was started by Edinburgh-based potter Emma Low, who made her first ever boob pot as a jokey Christmas present to her boyfriend in 2017. After posting her extra special creation on Instagram, things went wild and before she knew it, her custom-made pots were selling out.

Fast forward a year and Emma’s pots are more successful than ever. As a one-woman business, she creates and decorates each personalised pot by hand, meaning there’s a limit to how many she can make at one time. So if you see the dreaded ‘sold out’ marker on her website, it means she’s already busy working on a shedload of orders and will be taking on new commissions soon!

What to pot?

So, they look great, but what can you actually use your boob pot for? Well, as far as plants go, you have to tread carefully. Each pot is made from air drying clay, meaning it can’t come into contact with any liquids, so either fill it with a plant that won’t need watering like a cactus, or keep the plant in a plastic pot to project your boobs from breaking!

Alternatively, it makes a great pen pot or makeup brush holder. Who wouldn’t love one of these on their desk at work, ey?

Potty pricing

Fancy getting one of your own? Well, you start by sending a snap of your boobs off to Emma, which is treated with care and confidentiality, who then personal translates your piccie into a pot. You have to be 18 or over to order, for obvious reasons.

Prices for each custom item start at £25 for a small pot, £35 for a medium pot and £40 for a large pot, plus £5 shipping within the UK on top.

But who can put a price on great boobs, right? Order now here.