Would You Invite Adele Round For A Sunday Roast?

Adele Live 2017
(Photo: Glenn Hunt/Getty Images)

If you could invite a celebrity round for a slap up roast, who would it be? If it’s Adele, you’re not alone.

The British songstress has topped a poll which asked more than 1,000 star-obsessed fans who they would most like to chow down with of a Sunday lunchtime.

Adele is a laugh, so we’re not surprised, and the second most popular famous face doesn’t leave us particularly shocked either.

Fellow Brit musician Ed Sheeran is also up there. A serenade over a roast spud and some gravy does sound rather nice, after all.

While supermodel Naomi Campbell received among the fewest votes (oops!), Prince Harry was named the ultimate Royal roast dinner guest.

A spokeswoman for VizEat (a kind of Airbnb for dinner), which carried out the survey, said: “In the UK, the bants are key.

“The majority of UK respondents said the most important criteria would when eating with local people they didn’t know, would be the friendliness of the host (40%) followed by the quality of the food (31%).

“This might explain why Adele, known for being very down-to-earth and real, came out as top choice of dinner guest, followed closely by Ed Sheeran, also well-known for his banter and being easy to get along with.”

She added: “Almost every age and gender group chose Prince Harry as the royal they’d like to dine with.”

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If only. *sigh*


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