Would You Ditch Your Clothes For This?

naked garden
(Photo: Shutterstock/ model released)

It is time to strip off, as today is World Naked Gardening Day – so get ready to prune that bush in the nuddy.

Thousands of brave souls will be ditching their clothes to mark the annual event as they celebrate planting flowers, weeding and trimming hedges in the buff.

WNGD was founded by Mark Storey, consulting editor for Nude & Natural magazine, with the thought of it being a “funny, light-hearted and non-political” day.

Given the forthcoming General Election next month and all the mud slinging that comes with it, we’ll take that.

But what if gardening is not your ticket, or you simply don’t own a bit of outside space? Have no fear – we’ve laid bare (like what we did there?) some other naked events to have a crack at.

(Photo: Facebook/ London Zoo)

Streak For Tigers

What: ZSL London Zoo has come up with a cheeky way to raise money for its Tiger Conservation work by asking fearless fundraisers to go on the prowl as nature intended. Given that a group of tigers is called a streak, they are asking participants to do exactly that. Grrrr! In total, 300 streakers will race around set course and, just to make it even more of a thrill, a mask and ears are provided. Or perhaps the accessories are for those wanting to hide their identity…?

When: 10 August 2017 at 10pm.

Where: ZSL London Zoo, Regents Park, London.

More information: www.zsl.org


What: Forget Glastonbury (ha, like we could), it is all about Nudefest this year – providing you’re not prudish or faint-hearted. The festival spans a week and is entirely clothes free. It may not have Ed Sheeran on a main stage, but it does have cream teas, posh loos, a German beer night and a karaoke sesh…all in the buff.

When: 3-1o July 2017

Where: Thorney Lakes (not the best name given the circumstances), Somerset.

More information: www.bn.org.uk

(Photo: Getty/ Scott Barbour)

World Naked Bike Ride

What: Celebrating both the human body and cycling, these bike rides take place both in the UK and around the world throughout the summer months. Organisers have received permission from local police forces to stage the nude event and, depending on the location, they can end up with a party on the beach and swim in the sea. But just watch out for that saddle sore…OUCH.

When: Various dates in May, June and July.

Where: Events are planned for towns and cities including Brighton, Portsmouth, London, Manchester and Newcastle.

More information: www.worldnakedbikeride.org

Party In The Stark

What: Run by The Naturist Foundation, Party In The Stark is held over a weekend in July and offers naked entertainment, live music and a silent disco. There are two bars, if you need some Dutch courage, and a burger van. What more do you need? Apart from clothes…#didwejustsaythat.

When: 28-30 July 2017

Where: Orpington, Kent.

More information: www.naturistfoundation.org


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