This Is The Worst Region In The UK For The Gender Pay Gap

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We all know the gender pay gap is a very current, very real issue for women across the world, but when it comes to the UK, one region is significantly more affected than the rest.

A new study by Savoy Stewart has found that the gap in the average full-time salary between men and women is £8,840, which rises to a staggering £16,451 in London. Yes, you read that number right.

Women living in the capital are still massively out-earned by their male counterparts, despite the government introducing new rules last year forcing companies with more than 250 employees to publicly publish any gender pay differences. This move clearly hasn’t had the widespread effect desired though, as there is no region within the UK where women earn as much or more on average than men.

The second worst region is the South East, covering counties such as Berkshire, Kent, Surrey and Oxfordshire, where women earn an average £9,645 less than men. In the third spot is the East of England with a £8,407 difference, while the West Midlands comes fourth with a gap of £8,402.

London is the ‘worst’ region for the gender pay gap (

Wales sees the smallest level of pay discrimination, with a gap of £5,258 between its male and female inhabitants — still an unacceptable difference for a nation where paying someone a different wage based on their gender became illegal in 1970. Nearly 50 years later, we’re still waiting for the scales to balance, with financial consulting firm Deloitte estimating that it will take until 2069 for the pay gap to be fully eradicated.

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Closing this vast gap would give women’s earnings an estimated £80 billion boost, according to analysis by PwC, which would mean a £5,500 pay rise for every working woman in the UK.

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First published on 11th October 2017