Listen Up Ladies! Here Are The Companies With The Worst Gender Pay Gaps

Pay Gap
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This week, a new UK law came into effect.  It ordered all UK companies with more than 250 employees to publish their gender pay gap report by midnight on 4th April 2018.

That deadline has now passed – and the results unsurprisingly grim.

According to the BBC, 10,000 companies reported on their pay gap, and the findings indicate 78% of firms pay men more than women on average. *For real*.

And the median pay gap amongst these companies was 9.7%. Which means that women in these firms are being paid (on average) 9.7% less.

On the flip side, 14% of companies pay women more than men. And these ‘negative’ pay gap firms include Tesla Motors, Mamas and Papas and electronics retailer Richer Sounds.

The remaining 8% of companies have reported no pay gap.  And include high street brands Costa, KFC, Matalan, McDonald’s, Primark and Starbucks. All are proof that removing the gender pay gap is not an impossible task.

Whilst the above headline figures paint a crap picture, when you look at the detail, it’s even worse.

We are shocked at the below list of the companies with the biggest gender pay gaps. And we can just imagine a whole heap of awwkwwward but important conversations taking place in their offices.

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The 10 UK companies with the biggest gender pay gaps

  1. NWN Media (85.2%)
  2. Millwall Holdings PLC (80%)
  3. GoToDoc (77%)
  4. Boux Avenue lingerie group (75.7%)
  5. Fusion People (73.3%)
  6. Aaron Services (73%)
  7. Malling Health (73%)
  8. Ryanair (71.8%)
  9. Connells Survey and Valuation (71%)
  10. Fosse Healthcare (69.8%)

And then there were 1500 companies that didn’t meet the 4th April deadline.

However, as the gender pay gap report is now law, next week they will be sent a letter by the Equality and Human Rights Commission and given 28 days to respond. Then further action will be taken.

In response to today’s embarrassments findings, the PR firms from many of the 10,000 companies are already out in full force bullsh*ting explaining away their gaps and some are making promises to change. But this will take time.

So if you’re planning your career or next job, and don’t want to be out of pocket because you have a vagina. It’s worth taking a close look at the UK Government’s “Gender Pay Gap Service” to see the full picture on which sectors and organisations will give you the best chance of equal pay.