Worrying How You’ll Cope On A Detox? Here’s A Guide To Doing It Without Punishing Yourself


If you’re feeling a little sluggish, it might be time you gave your body a break with a detox. But if you’re concerned by what it might involve, read on.

It can happen throughout the year. We all consume thousands and thousands of calories during festive or cold seasons, or sometimes on holiday and suddenly we feel awful. Not only are we run down, overweight, tired and grumpy, we’re likely lacking vital vitamins and nutrients our body needs to stay healthy too. But the problem with a detox  is that it is pretty depressing. No more after work G&Ts with pals, no more beloved chocolate and certainly no more crisps with your lunch.  So we’ve found ways to make it a less depressing concept…

Give Your Water Some Oomph

Who actually likes water anyway? Plus it involves all those extra trips to the loo when you’re supposedly flushing out yours system on a detox. But what we’ve found out from the British Nutrition Foundation is that you don’t need eight glasses of water per day on top of other drinks too. Plus, we’re pretty sure our bodies are good at telling us when to drink more…it’s not rocket science. But if you are in need of a whole lot more of the wet stuff then why not give it some sparkle? Sparkling water with a squeeze of lime  should do the trick or simply pop some raspberries or blueberries into your glass first to make it pretty!


Don’t Deprive Yourself

A detox doesn’t mean starvation you’ll be pleased to hear…we know how hangry you’d get. Take to your new plan sensibly and make sure you’re eating enough calories compared to how much exercise you’re doing to stay healthy. If you’re supposed to only be eating a handful of blueberries as a snack and you eat a few more, well we can’t see how that’s going to really hurt, can you?


Remember Ditching The Booze Can Be A Short But Sweet Affair

This one really is a no-go if you’re taking it seriously.  The good news? A detox can be short and sweet so try not to make plans that involve drinking in the two-four weeks you’re detoxing. Head to the cinema instead, there are always tons of great films out in January, or make day dates.


Have A Girly Spa Day

If you’re friends aren’t on the detoxing bandwagon and are complaining about you not being sociable, why not head to a spa day together instead of the usual Saturday night out? Everyone loves a chill day and when a Jacuzzi and massage is involved it always feels more special. Convince them to hit the gym for half an hour too and you’ll feel even better. Finally, there’s nothing more detoxifying than sweating it out in a sauna, right?


Play The Long Game When It Comes To Caffeine

While this is a hard habit to break and we can offer little to no support, try and see the healthy long game. You might have become reliant on the stuff to give you an afternoon perk, but what you may find on your detox is that you don’t feel sluggish anyway and therefore no longer need that afternoon wake up call. If you’re struggling with this one, try the wide variety of herbal teas on the market. If you still miss your cuppa, treat yourself to one when times are desperate as it’s less harsh than coffee.


Make Boring Food Interesting

Getting sick of the sight of broccoli?  Why not try out a different type and cook it in a different way? You could even cook it with garlic and chilli to give it wow-factor, both of those ingredients are perfect for detoxes too. Garlic is suggested to help absorb minerals and improve immune function, according to the British Nutrition Foundation. Plus you can have as much as you like as it’s very low in calories.



Detoxes Aren’t About The Numbers On The Scales

A detox is about cleansing and ridding your body of toxins, it’s not primarily about weight loss so don’t make it so. Your aim is to feel more healthy and less sluggish, so stick to that mantra and you won’t feel like your time is being wasted if the pounds don’t drop off as fast as you’d hoped.

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Try New Food

When you’re feeling a little deprived and bored of a detox, perhaps it’s time to test all those weird and wonderful fruits and veggies you see in the supermarket but have never bothered to try. Who knows, maybe dragonfruit will be your new favourite snack.


Treat Yourself To An Exfoliating Scrub And Mitt

You can increase circulation by a good old skin brushing, plus your skin will feel silky smooth afterwards too. We also hear it’s good for the cellulite so you really have got everything to gain.


Go Shopping

While this one won’t detox your body, it will keep you away from the pub and favourite pizza place, just make sure you go on a full stomach. If friends aren’t on a health kick they can be surprisingly unsupportive, so suggest fun things to do together that don’t involve eating and drinking. When you finally slip back into pre-December sized dresses you’ll be glowing inside and out.