Wonder Woman’s Armpits Have Upset A Lot Of Fans

Wonder Woman

Jessica Jones aside, there’s a real dearth of female superheroes whose sole intention isn’t just to look good in latex and play a love interest to a male lead.

So, despite the male-pleasing state of undress original Wonder Woman was in, we were pretty thrilled that a movie starring a woman saving the world from mortal peril was finally being created. Even though she does so with powerful accessorising (golden lasso, power bracelets).

That was until the trailer came out.

Now, fans are divided over whether fictional character Diana, played by Israeli actress Gal Gadot, would actually have shaved and bleached her armpit hair had some come from the matriarchal Amazonian island of Themyscira she grew up in, and not post 1915 patriarchal western society, when women started shaving their armpits so as not to offend men when wearing newly fashionable short-sleeved dresses.

Themyscira is not only entirely cut off from the west, but also sees Diana (Wonder Woman) in full time Amazonian training – hunting, fighting and smashing her way to her peak condition. Not only would she not have come across pit shaving, which was just beginning to come into style anyway, but its not like she would have any purpose to either.

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And this hasn’t go unnoticed on Twitter:

Cue many more pro-armpit hair tweets, but an equal number of disparaging tweets suggesting we feminist types focus on equal pay and smashing the glass ceiling rather than a made up character’s grooming choices.

So lets get this all in perspective. Feminism is all about choice, and choosing to shave your armpit hair is any woman’s prerogative. The question is should we feel pressured into doing so because of societal expectations of beauty based on what men find attractive? Perhaps we’re beating around the bush here, but we can’t help but think what an incredible statement it would have been for Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman to be a little more au naturel and a little less school boy fantasy.