Wonder Woman Fans Outraged As Warrior Used In Diet Advert

Wonder Woman

First, they waxed her armpits. Now, the marketing powers at Warner Bros have well and truly dropped the taste ball by selling the feminist superhero’s image for a diet bar campaign.

In the latest in a series of tone-deaf advertising clangers, the film company has given permission for Gal Gardot’s character to be used to promote ‘thinkThin’ diet products. Naturally, people are outraged. Including us.
“thinkThin is not a slogan we need associated with a fierce warrior,” website Mary Sue argued.

Daily Dot pointed out the obvious, in that by using Wonder Woman to promote the brand, the attention was once again focused on appearance rather than actions.

Salon called on Warner Bros to “celebrate the female form not as a subject of desire but as a source of power”.

We agree with all that and then some. Restricting calories and going on crazy diets does not a toned Goddess make. Gal Gardot underwent a year-long intensive body transformation training to give her the muscles and the power she needed to play the part. In order to build a toned physique, you have to eat more of the right things, not less of everything.

So there were have it. More mixed messaging than a bag of Love Hearts, shamefully unrealistic and totally unachievable body standards, and more guys cashing in on the insecurity of women over their appearances. And here we were looking forward to the film’s release on 2 June. Where’s Kendall with her can of Pepsi when you need her?

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