Women On Twitter Are Sharing What They Were Wearing When They Were Raped

Clothes are never to blame for rape (Shutterstock)

It’s the question we hear over and over again when discussing sexual assault and rape victims: ‘what was she wearing?’ As if an item of clothing is to blame for someone being molested, not the person actually doing the molesting. *roll eyes*

Despite most of us understanding the completely backwards and down-right offensive nature of this question, many people still ask it and, in turn, lay the blame at the door of the victim rather than the offender.

Today, this very argument is blowing up on Twitter, after one user tweeted a strong message of complete and utter victim blaming in response to a tweet about punishment for rapists.

The user claimed they’ve never been raped because they don’t “dress like a prostitute or act overly sexual”, but the rest of Twitter are having absolutely none of it. Bravely sharing their own raw and traumatic stories, people from across the world have proved the troll wrong in just 140 characters.

It’s never easy for victims to speak publicly about their experiences, but by coming forward and sharing such details, women are continuing to prove the warped rhetoric around rape cases very, very wrong. And as for who is actually to blame, one tweeter has shared something we should all remember:

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