Wine Lovers, You’re Not Going To Like This

red wine

So far, we’ve got a lot to blame Brexit for. Not least for making almost every Brit worse off as food, clothing and rent prices are set to rise and wages to stagnate.

Well, this latest piece of news really takes the biscuit, especially on a day when we’ll be imbibing it by the pint glass with our closest pals. Sadly, wine lovers, its all about to get a bit more expensive for us too.

According to the Guardian, consumers and firms are facing a “triple whammy” price hike in wine over the year, due to the effect of the Brexit vote.

This is because the strength of the found has fallen and inflation has risen, while alcohol duty is also set to rise.

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This means that the average bottle of wine will likely soar by 10 per cent, or about 53p per bottle.

Further to our horror, prosecco is also set to rise by 59p and Champagne by £1.

“With Brexit costing 29p per bottle and rising inflation indicated by the Bank of England last week adding a further 17p, further duty rises could make it a triple whammy for consumers who are already paying a staggering amount of wine and spirit duty,” Miles Beale, chief executive of the Wine and Spirit Trade Association, confirmed.

Think this is bad? Wait until you see what they’re doing with chocolate bars.

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