Why Is Palm Painting Fast Replacing Balayage This Summer?

palm painting hair technique
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Balayage is so last year. It’s all about Palm Painting this summer.

But what is Palm Painting, we hear you cry. If you want to have beautiful golden locks, then we suggest you read on.

Palm Painting is the new kid on the block when it comes to highlighting. Hairdressers are doing away with their toolkit of brushes and using their hands to spread colour through the locks instead.

While colourists can use their fingers, the key to this look is really through using the palm of the hand.

The result is ‘sun-kissed’ tresses, but without the line that can often appear when colourists use a brush. And people are already going nuts for it.

Paula Griffin, salon owner of Mane Street Hairdressing, describes Palm Painting as “the new Balayage”.

She tells Shevolution: “Palm Painting gives a very similar finish to Balayage, but the technique is slightly different.

“Instead of using a brush to blend the colour, you use your fingers and, in particular, the palms of your hands.”

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So who came up with the idea? Marcos Verissimo, colour director at Neville Hair & Beauty, is the man behind the hot new technique.

He previously said: “The technique creates a beachy, summery, sexy look. It’s what I call an imperfect symmetry.

“It can refresh traditional highlights and can brighten block or plain color, but in a symmetrical way.”

As with Balayage, the colour is not applied to the roots of your hair during a Palm Painting session, resulting in a more natural and gradual look.

But this has another advantage too – it makes it purse friendly! No dramatic roots means fewer trips to the salon.

Good hair that doesn’t break the bank. We are definitely a fan already.


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