Who Was Ryan Gosling’s ‘Mystery Date’ At The Oscars?

Ryan Gosling
Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Ryan Gosling really had a night of it at the Oscars.

Not only did he miss out on the Best Actor Oscar to Casey Affleck, but he was embarrassed a second time when La La Land were stripped of their Best Picture Oscar mid acceptance speech and forced to hand it over to the cast of Moonlight.

Of course, Gosling had the finest reaction of all those affected, and as such became an overnight meme:

And then there were the celebrity gossip hounds, who unleashed their most speculative column inches to debate who on earth his sequin-clad Oscars date was, and where on earth wife Eva Mendes was that evening:

Well, we can confirm, that Ryan Gosling isn’t that kinda guy – and is exactly the kinda guy who brings his sister to awards ceremonies instead. And that’s someone we can very much get on board with. So, without further ado, we introduce ‘mystery date’ Mandi Gosling…

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