How To Delete Messages You Didn’t Mean To Send

Don't let a messaging 'mare ruin your summer holiday (Photo: Shutterstock)

It’s impossible to count the number of times we have hastily pressed send on a message, only to instantly regret it. From accidentally sending a text about our crush to them instead of our mate, to sending a soppy message to our boss by mistake, the cringe level of our texting life has got so high we’re blushing just thinking about it.

Thankfully, WhatsApp has finally cottoned on to the potential for disaster that texting entails and introduced a new feature that lets you ‘unsend’ an awkward message by deleting it before the receiver has read it.

The catch is that you’ll have to be speedy. If the receiver is online when the message is sent, it’s game over, and if not, you still only have five minutes to act.

WhatsApp is currently testing the function in its latest beta update. Rumour has it that there is also work underway to allow users to edit messages before they are opened.

It remains unknown when the feature will be launched but according to official Twitter feed WABetaInfo, it “should be available very soon”.

Hopefully, it’ll be ready for when too many Pimms lead us to send messages we instantly regret this summer…

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