Netflix Originals: The Ones To Watch This June

Naomi Watts
(Photo: Netflix)

Grab the popcorn, as Netflix is dropping a whole host of originals next month – and they look ace.

From new seasons of our favourite shows to a couple of exciting firsts, they have got it covered.

But what will you be tuning in to?


The main producer of ‘GLOW’ is also behind ‘Orange Is The New Black’, meaning this series has already been tipped to be a corker. Set in the 80s, the comedy-drama follows a group of women on the professional wrestling circuit, so expect some seriously big hair and spandex leotards. And if you’re wondering, ‘GLOW’ stands for Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling. Natch. Launch date: Friday 23 June.

‘Orange Is The New Black’

Speaking of ‘Orange Is The New Black’, the ever popular series makes a return for its fifth season. While all the original characters are back, this series will be set over a three-day period at Litchfield prison. Unfortunately for Netflix, season five has already been leaked online, so the 9 June premiere date may be brought forward.


This brand new series is being kept tightly under wraps, but we do know that Naomi Watts takes the lead. The thriller is about therapist called Jean (Naomi) who gets to develop intimate and often dangerous relationships with her patients. One thing we do know is that the trailer looks pretty gripping – check it out… Launch date: Friday 30 June.


After the first season of this sitcom proved to be a hit, ‘Flaked’ is back for a second instalment this June. Will Harnett returns as ‘self-help guru’ Chip, who heads back to Venice to find he is no longer welcome. Locals are not prepared to forgive him for selling out their community…but can he turn it around? Sadly, Netflix is yet to release a trailer for season two, so here is the season one teaser to refresh your memory. Launch date: Friday 2 June.

You Get Me

Bella Thorne, Taylor Smith and Halston Sage star in this new Netflix film and, although it is described as a thriller, it definitely has a high school movie edge to it. And here is why: Tyler (played by Taylor) has the perfect girlfriend in Ali (Halston), but things soon hit the skids following a bust-up. Tyler has a cheeky fling with Grace (Bella) before later discovering she is a new student at their school. Awks. Launch date: Friday 16 June.


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