What’s In The Oscars 2017 Presenter Goody Bags? They’re Worth £210k!

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Hollywood’s cream of the crop will take to the stage tomorrow night and help hand out this year’s Oscars trophies – before walking away with a goody bag worth an eye-watering £210,000!

Amy Adams, Scarlett Johansson and Samuel L. Jackson are among the names who will present the prestigious gongs and it seems a pretty nifty gig given the freebies they will reportedly receive.

According to Teen Vogue, the Oscars 2017 presenters will each receive a bag brimming with everything from personalised M&Ms to travel vouchers to black toilet paper…with a £225 price tag.

Say what?!

The list of what’s apparently stuffed in these coveted bags is longer than our arms, but here are some of the BEST goodies (and the ones we would like #pleasethankyou) that the stars will be handed.

Crayola My Way customised box of crayons: Everyone needs a Crayola with their name on, right?

Golden Door Spa Retreat: After the chaos of awards season, what better way to unwind than with a stint in this swanky Californian retreat? Watsu Water Therapy pool you say? Sign us up! (We don’t know what it is either, but it sounds good, right?)

Yoga Jewelz Diamond Bracelets: Diamonds inspired by yoga? WOW.

Jules K. Unique Designer Handbag: These handbags are handmade and feature a unique antler design. And are worth £300.

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(Shutterstock: Stock photo) Hawaiian holiday anyone?!

Luxury Six-Day Holiday To Koloa Landings Luxury Resort In Hawaii: Pass us a grass skirt, we’ll be there in a flash.

Personal In-House Sommelier Service from The Loving Somme: Wine expert Lelañea Fulton promises to “pinpoint and fine-tune a selection of wines that best fits the personality and lifestyle of her clients”. So basically, prepare for something a little better than cheap plonk from Aldi.

SweetCheeks Cellulite Massage Mats: Seriously, we need these in our lives right now. The nobly mats leverage your bodyweight while you’re sat in the office all day, apparently helping to reduce cellulite. We can just see why a Hollywood A-lister would need one of these, you know, all that paperwork they end up doing.

Oomi Smart Home: The ultimate home security system, meaning users can active their lights when they’re out on the red carpet, view live feeds from security cameras and activate alarms if they see a problem. Quite cool actually.

Chubby Chipmunk Hand Dipped Chocolates: Lemon meringue flavoured truffles, New York cheesecake and peanut butter cream ones. Need we say more?

A 10-Year Supply Of Oxygenetix Breathable Foundation and Moisturiser: A decade, an actual decade. Given that 15ml of the foundation alone costs around £45, these lucky ducks will be saving a lot of cash while on their Superdrug sprees…

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Meanwhile, of that’s not enough, other goodies include a supportive and dual-layer Casper pillow, Slimwear Portion Control Plates, a stay at the Grand Hotel Tremezzo on Lake Como, Italy, personal training sessions with celebrity trainer Alexis Seletzky and a piece of fine artwork by Reian Williams.

Not. Too. Shabby.