Ten Drinking Games That Aren’t Ring Of Fire (Yawn) You Can Shake Up Fresher’s Week With

what drinking games are there

So you’re off to Fresher’s Week. By now you may have bought new pots and pans, the huge books you’ll need to help you study and some snazzy new stationary. And your mind may now be wandering onto even more exciting things… like what parties will I go to and what drinking games are there to learn?

As all students and students-to-be know, you’re not exactly flush at uni so you’re going to want to maximise pre-drinks and minimise bar drinks. You need to keep watch on your ever dwindling bank balance after all. Which is why pre-drinks in your flat are going to be order of the day once Fresher’s Week kicks in.


We all know Ring of Fire by now, even your mum has probably played it. So let’s get creative shall we? Impress those new potential friends of yours and make your flat parties ones all the flats want to come back to.

So what drinking games are there other than Ring of Fire?

Our top ten alternative drinking games

Beer Pong

how to play beer pong
Beer pong is a classic that never gets old

You probably know this one too, if not, where have you been hiding? This may be a classic, but it never gets old. So line up those cups as shown above in a triangle formation, always with just one at the front. Fill with beer or your chosen drink. The opposing team should mirror you at the other end of the table. Take it in turns as teams to throw ping pong balls into the opposite side’s cups. If you score, they have to drink the cup full of beer. The team to get rid of all the cups first, wins. Get more info on Beer Pong here.

My Vagina/Penis is…

Intrigued? Of course you are. This drinking game is like a similar, more explicit version of the alphabet shopping game. Remember playing that one on the school bus? You start your sentence with ‘My vagina/penis is…’ and you start at the letter A. Eg. – my vagina is angry. The difference is everyone in the circle starts with the letter A, and once you’ve done a full circle, you go onto the letter B and so forth. You cannot repeat someone else’s word and if you cannot think of a new word, you drink some of your drink. You don’t need to repeat what the other people in the circle have mentioned either, you just need to remember their words so you don’t repeat them.

Flip Cup

This is one of the best, most competitive drinking games around and will build up team spirit too. Split into two equal teams and fill a non-breakable and not heavy cup with your chosen alcoholic drink (we’d suggest only a 1/4 filled cup). Line up either side of a table with your drink in front of you. You start the game with the two people on opposing teams at the top of the table saying cheers and clinking cups, downing their drink and then attempting to flip their cup over so it ends up face down (see video). You keep trying until you achieve this successfully and as soon as you have the next person in your team can down their drink and do the same task. The first team to successfully flip all their cups wins! This video explains it in much better detail…

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Wizard Staff

You can play this game really simply, or go all out and turn it into a full on party where everyone dresses as wizards, or even make it Harry Potter themed? All you need is a bit of time with this game, it’s not one for playing if you only have an hour for pre-drinks. All you need to do is drink a bevvy from a can while you chat at your pre party. Once you have finished one, you sellotape/gaffatape it to your next drink so you end up drinking from a stack of cans. Eventually the stack will be so long it resembles a wizard’s staff. Naturally, the longer it is, the funnier it’ll be and more challenging to drink from. These people in Colorado nailed it…

Never Have I Ever

This is certainly a quick way to break the ice when you move into your halls. One person starts off saying ‘Never have I ever..’ and fills in the gap with whatever they want such as: ‘Never have I ever…skinny dipped’. It doesn’t matter if the player speaking has or hasn’t done what she/he announces but they do have to drink if they have done it – as do the rest of the players around the room. You find out a lot about people during this game! They can be as tame or as explicit as you like and as you can imagine, they tend to get more outrageous as more drink is consumed.

International drinking rules

Don’t switch off at the word rules. Although you will need to explain a few rules beforehand, this game is actually a relaxed one, allowing you to chat and chill while drinking rather than constantly focusing on a set game. You do of course get penalised if you break the international drinking rules which include…

  • No swearing
  • No pointing with your finger (get those elbows out!)
  • You may not say the word ‘drink’ (remember when someone does something wrong in the game, don’t tell them to ‘drink up’, perhaps instead say ‘consume your beverage’?
  • Your drink must be a thumb’s length from the edge of the table at all times
  • Save the Queen! If anyone throws a coin into an unguarded cup, the owner of that cup must see off the rest of its contents.
  • You must drink with your left hand if you are right-handed and vice versa for lefties.

Thou shalt not break these rules – or you’ll have to drink.

Fuzzy Duck

how to play fuzzy duck
Fuzzy duck is so easy to pick up and explain

Sit in a circle around the table and decide which direction to start in. The first player says ‘fuzzy duck’, the second says ‘ducky fuzz’ and you alternate. You can turn the direction backwards instead by saying ‘duzzy’. This game sounds easy, but it’s not. No thinking time please and you’ll find the mess-ups really quite hilarious. Drink once you say the wrong thing.

Most Likely…

This is simple and effective. Anyone can shout out a most likely scenario, such as ‘most likely to end up with Ryan Gosling’ or ‘most likely to throw up on a night out’. Everyone in the game instantly points to the person they think it’s mostly likely to be and the person with the most votes drinks.


As long as you know your fives times tables, you’ll be okay with this one. This game starts by pouring a drink for the loser to consume. You then count to three as a table and on three everyone in the game clearly shows five fingers on each hand outstretched, or zero fingers by clasping your hands into fists. You can only show five, ten or zero fingers.

On the first person to guess’ turn, they shout out a number in a multiple of five that they think will be showing, simultaneously to everyone showing their fingers (on the count of three). If five of you are playing there will be up to 50 fingers showing if everyone were to outstretch their hands, but there also could be zero fingers showing, or any multiple of five in-between. If the guesser correctly guesses the number of fingers showing they can remove one hand from the game.

The catch is, you may not celebrate in any way, which includes smiling, cheering or punching the air. If you win that round you simply say: ‘thank you very much for a lovely game of fives’ and place one of your fists behind your back. If someone catches a hint of celebration or joy from you, your first will have to go back in – the hardest part of the game.

The next round begins and the next player has a guess. If they guess incorrectly, the game continues to the next player. Once someone successfully removes both fists from the game they are out and saved from drinking the loser pint. You need to remember that if someone removes a hand from the game, the maximum amount of potential fingers showing decreases by five each time, so don’t get caught out by guessing 50 when there are only 30 fingers in the game! #quickmaths

Higher or Lower

what drinking games are there
Higher or lower everyone will understand and is easy to explain

A simple game that only requires a deck of cards. The dealer shows you a card from the top of the pack and the next player in the circle says ‘higher’ or ‘lower’ – Ace is high. If you see a high card it is more sensible to guess lower and vice versa, but it depends how risky you want to play it! If you get it right it moves onto the next player who guesses higher or lower than the card you were shown. When a person guesses incorrectly, they have to drink and you start the game again, swapping dealers each time. You could make the game worse by adding drink to a cup in the middle if you get your guess right, which the loser then drinks.

Warning, snooze fest – While we advocate drinking games and fun of all kinds, please know your limits and be aware mixing your drinks and downing things speedily can be dangerous. Just be careful, yeah? Just because people are shouting ‘down it fresher’ doesn’t mean you have to. We’re just sayin’, mostly because we have to.


Think your pals have been wondering what drinking games are there other than Ring of Fire? Share the wealth below to help them get set for Fresher’s Week.