Wetherspoons Will Stop Selling This Drink From Next Month Because Of Brexit

Say goodbye to bubbly!

Let’s be honest, when someone suggests a night out with a few pre-drinks involved, we all know where that night is going to start: Wetherspoons. From its cheap booze to its jazzy carpets, nothing beats that certain *charm* of your local Spoons.

But, bubbly lovers, we have some rather sad news. From July, the pub chain will no longer be selling some of your favourite tipples, including Champagne. *sobs inconsolably*

That’s right, you’ll no longer be able to grab a proper bottle of bubbles at an attractive cut price – instead, you’ll find new alternatives at the bar, including sparkling wines from Dorking-based Denbies vineyard, and Hardys Sparkling Pinot Chardonnay from Australia.

Authentic champagne will be replace by sparkling wine alternative (Unsplash)

Beers will also be affected, with the current German wheat beers being replaced by the British-brewed versions, such as Blue Moon Belgian White, Thornbridge Versa Weisse Beer and SA Brains Atlantic White. We’ll also see the German Erdinger alcohol-free beer switched for booze-free Adnams Ghost Ship.

Brexit booze switchover

So, why the big change?

It’s all a move away from bevvies brewed in the European Union, which Wetherspoons founder Tim Martin voted to leave in the 2016 referendum. However, he did confirm that the new beverage choices would be cheaper than the current selection on offer, as tariffs currently imposed on drinks from Australia, New Zealand and the US by the EU would no longer be in place.

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Some favourites, such as Kopparberg cider brewed in Sweden, will remain on sale at Wetherspoons as the company is set to transfer production to the UK post-Brexit.

If you were worried about Prosecco, you can rest assured that it will still be on the menu *phew*, as confirmed by Wetherspoons spokesman Eddie Gershon to Shevolution today, who said it would not be affected. So if you don’t fancy switching up your champers for a non-EU alternative, you can always try a bottle of Prosecco instead.