If you are a fan of Instagram challenges like the Hobby Lobby Challenge and Invisible Box Challenge, then you will love the new hair trend called #blowthebottlechallenge that is taking over the internet. It includes using a used plastic water bottle to give the most amazingly bouncy, hair salon curls in just seconds.

Although originally posted by NYC-based balayage expert, Asil Simsek, after celebrity hairstylist Olivia Smalley posted a video of herself trying the hack, it has gone viral, already racking up more than 725, 000 views.  And it looks so easy to do!


Here’s how to get used water bottle curls

Find a used and empty plastic water bottle and a hair dryer.  Cut off the top of the bottle, then cut a hole out of one side.

Fill the water bottle with a section of hair that is around half an inch thick.

Use the hair dryer to blow hot air on the hair through the hole that you previously cut out.

Your hair will then spin in the bottle and after a few seconds, the strands will give the most gorgeous waves worthy of the runway.

Warning- do not overheat. Plastic melts when it gets to hot. If you overheat, you will risk melting the bottle and burning your hair*

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Such an awesomely easy hack, don’t you think?

Tips to ensure the hack works

Although the hack seems very easy, there is still the chance it might not work.  Olivia told Teen Vogue that “there are a few ways that this trend could go awry, so make sure to be as safe and as cautious as possible.”

To ensure success Olivia recommends choosing a thicker water bottle “If the plastic is too thin, it could actually melt into your hair,” she cautioned.  She also suggests using the medium setting on your hair dryer to avoid causing the bottle to melt.

Olivia also recommends starting with clean hair that hasn’t been straightened and misting it with water in a spray bottle or using a heat protectant before attempting the challenge. “From a stylist’s point of view,” she added, “I see nothing wrong with this trend as long as you take all proper precautions beforehand.”

Proof it works?

Heaps of users have been posting their #blowthebottlechallenge on Instagram.  Here are some of the best results.



Want to try the #blowthebottlechallenge? Find yourself a plastic bottle, take a look a the video and try it out yourself.  But do so with caution.