How To Look Like Susan Sarandon When You’re 70

Susan Sarandon
Hands up who wants to look like Susan Sarandon when they're 70? (Getty Images)

Just in case any of us had forgotten that Susan Sarandon was a goddess living among us, she rocked up on the Cannes red carpet recently and single-handedly stole the limelight from models a third of her age.

There she was in all her 70-year-old glory, wearing a plunging racing green velvet gown and shades, showing off her cleavage and and oozing the sexiest of attributes: self-confidence.

The star of our favourite feminist buddy movie (and movie in general), Thelma & Louise, is currently serving as a figurehead for L’Oreal Paris and boy are they lucky to have her.

I mean, just look at this woman

Susan Sarandon
Susan Sarandon on the Cannes red carpet (Getty Images)

Shortly after her appearance, social media was awash with “I hope I look as good as her at her 70” comments, prompting The Cut to hunt her down and persuade her to share some pearls of wisdom with us mere mortals.

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The full interview is available here, but we thought we’d summarise five of Susan’s most valuable tips on how to age awesomely:

Never rely on make-up to be beautiful

“I’m very drawn to a person who has kind eyes and seems awake, present, engaged and curious. To me that lightens up a face no matter what the features are. This idea of being bored and brittle and overly-done up to me is the least interesting way to go.”

Use make-up to express the real you

“Beauty products should enhance who you are, rather than making you into someone you don’t feel comfortable with. Find your own style. Don’t try to be someone else.”

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Less is more

“The things you could do when you’re 20, you better lose by the time you’re 70 or else they’re garish. I stay away from coloured eyeshadow.”

Steer clear of bad lighting

“If you’re trying to age, bad lighting really helps.”

Confidence is king

“Whatever you do that makes you confident, whether it be going to the gym or running, you’ll look beautiful. It can include making sure you have some mascara, a lip or are staying hydrated.”

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