If You Want To Be A Billionaire, Take Up Tennis

roger federer tennis salary 2017
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If you didn’t already have enough reasons to get fit or try some sports this year, just think of the money you’ll earn and that might sweeten the deal.

With all this football malarkey at the moment between Chelsea and Arsenal matches, everyone seems to have forgotten the Australian Open! It is summer time over there after all and Roger Federer is the current reigning champion of the competition.


Chances are you’ve probably seen Federer playing tennis matches on TV or maybe even seen one of his sponsored ads plastered on walls or in magazines somewhere.

But did you know he’s so rich he only has to blink and his earns an extra £30k?

It turns out that due to his lucrative endorsement deals, Federer will pretty easily become a billionaire within the next 20 years. Bet those tennis lessons aren’t looking too bad now, are they!

FreeSuperTips created a ‘Sports Superstars Salary Calculator’ and took at look into the champion’s pay packet and managed to work out – on average – what he earns every single year.

In 2017, it’s reported that Federer earned just over £47 million, and 90% of those earnings came from his endorsement deals.

Just to break that down, they worked out that it only takes him five hours, three minutes and 41 seconds (the equivalent of him competing in one men’s singles’ match against Nadal), to earn £27,600.

What’s insane is when you think that in less than one full working day, Federer earns more than what the average UK person earns in an entire year.

So while only 10% of his earnings come from actually playing tennis, if it wasn’t for him being as good as he is at the sport, he wouldn’t have any endorsement deals to fall back on. Why? Because no one would know (or probably care) about who he is.

Just like Mariah, and all the glorious royalties she earns from that ONE Christmas song we all know and love, being a tennis superstar pays off just as well. So you might want to head down to your local sports shop and buy yourself a racket.


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