This Guy Went Viral After The Flower He Bought His Girlfriend Turned Out To Be Something Else Entirely

Purple Kale
Photo by Shutterstock

OK, so, it’s the thought that counts. That we know. And the number of partners who have ever been kind enough to buy us anything, let alone flowers (one did admit to stealing some out of a neighbour’s garden, which was kind of cute, but, you know, also illegal and quite mean), we can count on one hand.

However, this story about a woman’s boyfriend who bought her some decorative purple kale he believed to be a flower has both amused and moved us in ways we hadn’t expected. And the rest of the internet, it seems, as the romantic gesture gone wrong has gone completely viral.

“I was sleeping and he woke me up by knocking on my window,” Jailyn told Mashable.

“I went to go open the door and he had the lettuce in his hand with a big smile.

“I just started laughing so much. After, I hugged and kissed him. He didn’t [know] what it was until I told him it was lettuce. My mom was right by the door and she was laughing, too, but she also thought it was cute.”

“He got it from his job at a warehouse,” Jailyn explained. “He didn’t know any better but to think it was a flower, but that’s what made it really funny”.

To be honest with you, we’re running short on salad material at the moment, so lovers, if you’re reading this, please feel free to supply us with vegetables at a whim if you so desire. We promise we won’t mock you on the internet for doing so. And then make you do TV interviews with us. And make you famous for all the wrong reasons.

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