People Can’t Get Enough Of These Vintage Hair Tutorials

Vintage Hair
Photo by @RosyMelina/Instagram

The 50s and 60s were dubious decades for women. Anyone who has seen the TV show ‘Mad Men’ might have had a glimpse of what it looked like to work at a fairly liberal advertising office in New York back then. Take it this way – women weren’t even trusted to take out a loan without a man’s approval, let alone head up a board.

But there’s something about the styling of that era – minus the pencil skirts and heels so tight and high that women walked like ducks everywhere – that us modern gals just can’t get enough of. Many of us even find it empowering, particularly as it was a time in fashion where curves and womanliness was celebrated.

So we’re not overly surprised that this, a video of one beauty blogger demonstrating a whole range of vintage hairstyles for us to try at home, has been so popular. From pin curls to Hollywood waves and quiffs that would make any diehard rockabilly deeply envious, allow Rosy Melina to inspire you, as she has more than 10million other women who have watched it.

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