Victoria’s Secret Under Fire For Non-Diverse ‘What Is Sexy’ List

victorias secret
The Victoria's Secrets models on the catwalk in the 2016 show (Photo: Shutterstock)

Lingerie brand Victoria’s Secret has come under fire for featuring almost all young, slim, white, cisgender women in its annual ‘What Is Sexy’ list.

Spotting the trend wasn’t tricky. There was Taylor Swift (Sexiest Entertainer), Mandy Moore (Sexist Actress), Lady Gaga (Sexiest Songstress), Julie Johnston (Sexist Athlete) and Margot Robbie (just Forever Sexy, apparently) for starters.

Priyanka Chopra and Jamie Chung did get nods, but only in the nothing categories of Sexist Red Carpet Look and Sexist Festival Syle respectively. Not a single African-American or Latina woman features on the list.

Twitter users soon began criticising the “narrow-minded” list, with one lingerie blogger writing that she had “never seen a brand sabotage itself so gleefully”.

Victoria’s Secret, the self-proclaimed “authority on what is sexy” (😂), wrote alongside its list: “Bold, powerful, confident. That’s what sexy means to us, and that’s what all the winners of our annual round-up embody. From artists to athletes, these women (and man!) are at the top of their game and inspire us to work harder and keep it sexy every day.”

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The one man mentioned was James Corden, named Sexist Late Night Host.

Complaints were made about the lack of size diversity on the 2016 list but it seems that stick-thin and stick-thin alone is in as far asVictoria’s Secret is concerned, which is stupid and more seriously, potentially damaging when it comes to our body confidence.

You’d think these brands would be paying more attention after that Pepsi ad. Especially an underwear company that presumably wants to avoid tits up jokes. Oh, wait.