Victoria Beckham Sues Takeaway For Comparing Her To Thin Pizza Crusts

Victoria Beckham
Victoria Beckham is taking legal action against the takeaway for its 'thoughtless' advert (Getty Images)

Fashion designer Victoria Beckham is taking legal action against a takeaway over a “thoughtless” advert that compares her to their thin pizza crusts and brands her an “anorexic fashion icon”.

Sidhu Golden Fish and Chips in North Tyneside has emblazoned its delivery fan with a disturbing illustration of the former Spice Girl, showing her looking skeletal and eating an apple, with a sash around her torso reading “Anorexic Fashion Icon”.

One arrow points at her tiny arms, reading “This is not thin!”, while another reading “This is thin!” points at a photo of a pizza to emphasise how thin their crusts are. “Our new Victoria Beckham thin crust only 2mm thin!” it proudly proclaims.

I may be a journalist, but it is hard to find the words for this one.

Beckham’s spokesperson gave it a try, somehow managing to avoid profanities while telling ITV News: “It is highly inappropriate to trivialise such a disorder and defamatory to be so thoughtless with a person’s reputation in this way. Sadly this is now a legal matter.”

Charities helping those affected by eating disorders, including Marg Oaten MBE of Seed, have strongly criticised Sidhu Golden Fish and Chips for “trivialising anorexia and putting people at genuine risk” with the idiotic advert.

Manager Soni Sidhu, 32, has insisted that no offence was intended, saying in a statement that everyone involved with the company “recognises how serious eating disorders are and would never make light of the seriousness of people with eating disorders”.

The mind truly boggles.

He continued, asking “customers and all people in general to take our advertising in context”.

“We are not a fly by night business trying to make a quick buck. Anorexia and any mental illness are very serious,” he said. “We have always stated even if one individual is upset or offended by our advert we would be more than happy to take it down.”

Sidhu then said that he had received “nothing but support” from the public and that it would be a “sad day for freedom of expression” if he was forced to remove it.

The ad has been on the delivery van for the past three years but it will be removed by Christmas.

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