Do You Own 2017’s Most Popular Shoe?

vans' old skool
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You already know what we’re talking about. And you probably own at least one pair.


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Everyones’s got them, from celebs to bloggers and beyond.

That’s right, it’s the Vans’ Old Skool.

Somehow, a sneaker designed with skaters in mind that first came to life in 1977, has become fashion’s favourite shoe precisely 40 years later.

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So why are we all suddenly obsessed with a pair of simple black and white trainers again? And why are we all wearing them? Unsurprisingly, this sudden style obsession seems to have stemmed from a very familiar place: Kylie Jenner’s wardrobe.

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“I bought mine around two or three days after seeing Kylie wearing a pair on Instagram,” says fashion blogger and stylist Kelly Houston-Waller.

“Within a few days of seeing the Kylie post, most of the influencers and bloggers I follow on social media were wearing them. Styled differently, but all the same trainer.”

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First debuting her trainer of choice back in late December 2016, Kylie’s influence explains how they sprang into a style must-have as soon as 2017 hit. Sisters Kendall and Kourtney were also seen sporting them, as were pals Gigi Hadid and Hailey Baldwin, with everyone from Kristen Stewart to Julia Roberts soon slipping into their new skating faves.

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So we know Kylie and her friends love them, but why are the rest of us suddenly so obsessed?

“I think ready-to-wear, street style fashion is having a major comeback and for the past two to three seasons, women have been favouring an almost androgynous street style look,” adds Kelly.

“Women are much more comfortable with an almost ironic take on street style. They don’t take themselves too seriously, they dress for cool comfort and add touches of glamour in other ways.”

Similarly, fashion stylist and creative consultant Natalie Rita J sees the Vans revival as a product of the shift away from 24/7 glamour and towards a more comfortable, practical way of dressing.

“There was once a time where you’d be at London fashion week and everyone would be in a heels,” she said. “But nowadays, it’s acceptable to wear sneakers and skate shoes, because we see it as normal now, it’s no longer seen as ‘dressing down’.”

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So there we have it. Heels are over, sneakers are in and we’ve got the likes of Kylie Jenner to thank for it. But are Vans Old Skool trainers here to stay or just a passing trend?

“I think that they’ve now become a must-have shoe once again has proved that Vans are here to stay,” adds Natalie. “I mean who doesn’t love comfortable footwear?!”

Amen to that!




Vans’ Old Skool, ASOS £55


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