Pilates For Your ‘Cha-Cha’? The Weirdest Kardashian Campaign Yet

Khloe Kardashian
Photo by Shutterstock

‘Brand Kardashian’ have certainly been used to endorse a lot of bizarre things in their times, but this new campaign has truly blown us away.

For nestled in our email inboxes this morning was a little press release featuring Khloe Kardashian as the (perhaps unwitting) face of ‘Neen Aquaflex’. That’s a “physician-approved” kegel gym, in case you were wondering, billed as “pilates for you cha-cha”.


Apparently, Khloe recently overshared her “eight step guide to a happy va-jay-jay”.

It included Gwynny-style vajacials (that’s a steam facial for your vagina), labia moisturiser (this is a thing), pro-flora tablets, cleansers, wipes, and more.

It also included glass kegel balls and a sort of kegel crunch FitBit tracker, which reminded us a little of this.

So we applaud the ‘Neen Aquaflex’ (available in Boots, £23.50 – we won’t judge) PR for putting a tricky two-and-two together and coming up with this incredible plug:

Of course, kegel exercises are mainly used by women when pregnant to avoid prolapse and incontinence following birth. There’s little to suggest the average woman’s va-jay actually needs a regular pilates class. There is also the risk of urinary tract infections if kegel exercises are done incorrectly too.

While we probably won’t be investing any time soon, if you are thinking of it, do your research, speak to your doctor and make sure you’re doing it right. Just like Khloe Kardashian and her fabulous pelvic floor.

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