Ugg Have Released Some Brand New Boots… With Heels

kasen ugg boots

Yep, you heard that right. Ugg boots have heels.

Back in the early 2000s, they came onto the scene with a bang and were prominently associated with Juicy Couture velour tracksuits. They weren’t particularly considered “cool”, but you just knew you wanted a pair, because everyone else had a pair, and what’s good for Paris Hilton was good for the rest of us, obvs.

Plus who could forget this hilarious meme about them:


Fast forward to 2017 and the South Californian brand has actually been updating its collection for the past few seasons in line with what their customers want. Err, also really curious why a South Californian brand – aka a place that is pretty hot all year round makes winter boots?! Anyway…

The brand new Ugg collection, the Kasen, comes in a variety of styles. Back to the classic colours of chestnut and black, and of course both tall and short boots, so at least you’ve got a few choices.

Add in a short stacked heel for what Ugg consider to be the perfect height – because no one wants to try running around in snow in stilettos obvs, these might actually be the answer to your winter heeled boot problems.

If you fancy bagging yourself a pair, the short ones are £170 while the tall boots are a bit pricer at £275 – well, no one said they’d be cheap. It is real shearling after all.

Granted it probably does depend on whether you actually like Uggs – they are a bit marmitey – most people either love them or hate them.

And the Kasen boots are definitely a bit more wearable than their yeti style fluffpots, the Fluff Momma Mongolian, £345:

I mean, did anyone even think how these would work in the rain? Britain’s main weather is rain, people!

But hey, if you’re a fancy pants that has a car, or doesn’t ever need to leave the house, or gets driven around, they’ll probably be right up your street.

Click here to bag yourself a new pair of UGG boots.

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