Train Tickets Are About To Get A Lot Cheaper For Millennials

Your commute will soon be a lot cheaper (Shutterstock)

Getting around any town or city isn’t cheap, especially if you’re trying to pay rent, bills, buy food and generally enjoy life on top of forking out for an expensive commute.

However, a new initiative set to arrive next year could change all of that. A leaked staff memo from the Rail Delivery Group (RDG) has revealed plans for a ‘millennial’ rail card, offering people aged 26-30 a discount on their train tickets.

According to the document, the card will be tested by Greater Anglia Railways — which covers most of the South East — from December this year, before being rolled out nationally in the new year. You’ll have to snap one up quick though, as Greater Anglia is said to be only releasing 10,000 railcards initially, which will increase in early 2018.

While the discount amount available hasn’t been confirmed yet, the leaked document also suggests that it will follow suit with the existing 16-25 railcard, which offers 30 per cent off ticket prices.


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