Top Tips For Warming Up In Winter If You’re That Friend Who’s Always Freezing

warming up this winter scarf
Always feeling the chill? These tips will help

For some of us, winter isn’t all mulled wine, pumpkin spice lattes and snow angels – it’s a frosty hell that creates dry skin drama and constant shivers. If you’re THAT person, you’ll know exactly what we mean (and you probably don’t go anywhere without at least three scarves on).

But it doesn’t have to be that way, as there are many simple techniques you can adopt to keep the cold at bay – and no, we don’t mean just sitting on your hands on putting your ice cold feet on your BBF. Try some of the below to make your winter 2018 experience a little bit more bareable.

Wrap it up

This may sound like an obvious one, but be sure to pile on the layers. Always keep a scarf, hat and gloves with you, and don’t even think about skipping on socks and boots. However, try and avoid cheap synthetic fibres and reach for wools and cottons instead. They’re proven to keep you a lot warmer and you’ll definitely feel the difference once you’re outside.

Apply heat

Again, this tip may sound simple, but if you’re feeling chilly it’ll work a treat. There are so many great electric heated accessories available now, there’s no reason to ever feel cold again. We love this heated cushion (£16.99, Groupon), which you can snuggle up with or pop your feet into to really warm up.

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Of course, there’s also the standard electric blanket for your bed, as well as amazing heated gloves to keep you warm on the go.

Get baking

Ever been knocked back by the sheer heat of your oven? Of course you have. So to help your house feel warmer, bake something delicious and when you’re done (and have turned the oven off) leave the oven door open to help heat the house. You’ll be warm and have tasty treats to tuck into too – win win!

Move, move, move

All you really want to do in the cold is curl up in a ball on the sofa, but exercising will actually help you feel warmer every day. Not only will you work up a sweat during a session, but movement helps improve blood flow and circulation, meaning you’ll feel all-round warmer in the long run.

If you really can’t face the chill, you don’t have to go outside to work out. Try finding an exercise video you like on YouTube and get fit in your bedroom!

Cop a cuppa

Need even more excuses to give Costa’s Christmas menu a go? Well how about this: hot drinks are proven to warm you up from the inside out. They activate heat sensors along your digestive tract, so not only will your hands heat up when you’ve got a grip on a mug, but you’ll feel all warm and fuzzy inside (quite literally).

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Bye bye booze

We’re really sorry to break it to you, but if you really want to get warm, you might want to ditch the booze. Alcohol lowers your core body temperature, so a cosy pub night might sound nice, but it’ll actually make you feel colder. The same goes to dropping a bit of booze in your coffee – great on the ‘gram, not so great in real life.

Heat your house efficiently

This couldn’t be simpler and it’ll save you money in energy bills too. If you’ve got a room your rarely use, turn off the radiator inside it and close the door, so you’re only heating the spaces you need to.

For the radiators you do use, grab a sheet of radiator reflector foil and pop a bit behind them. This will bounce the heat off the walls and back into the room, so you’re not wasting one bit of warmth. You can grab a roll super cheap at most DIY stores for between £5-10.