Why The New ‘Man Bun’ Ken Has Sent Grown Folk Into A Spin

Man Bun Ken
(Photo: YouTube/ Barbie)

There’s a new gang of ‘fashionista’ Barbies hitting shelves this summer – but all everyone is talking about is Man Bun Ken.

Mattel has unveiled 10 new diverse dolls – with three body types, seven skin tones and nine hairdos – and Man Bun Ken is already making quite a name for himself on social media.

But unfortunately for Kenny boy, perhaps not for the right reasons.

Top Knot Ken
(Photo: Twitter/ Mattel)

The plastic figure is a far cry from the Ken you may have matchmade Barbie with back in the 90s, thanks to his thick eyebrows, jorts (jean shorts) and, of course, top knot. And he’s sending actual grown folk into a spin.

It seems Man Bun Ken may not be receiving quite the welcome that his makers had intended. Well, when it comes to adults anyway. One woman tweeted: “The new ken doll has a man bun. these plastic abominations need to be tossed into a vat of acid. the top knot is so 2014 thanks.”

And it didn’t stop there. One man added: “I can’t stop laughing at Top Knot Ken doll.” While a female tweeter mused: “NOW I understand why he has no junk…..!” One woman even went as far as to say: “Poor Barbie, the new ‘top knot Ken’ looks like an absolute tool.”

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Mattel, however, remain positive about its new Barbie and Kens. Called Fashionistas: The New Crew, the toy giant insists they are more inclusive than ever.

It states: “Our latest Fashionistas line features 15 new Ken dolls available in 3 body types: broad, slim, and original. “With more looks than ever before – including a man bun, cornrows, and freckles – this new crew will provide endless storytelling possibilities.”

That’s all very well, but we’re still waiting for the return of Becky, Barbie’s disabled friend, who was controversially discontinued.


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