10 Times Zendaya Was Absolute Perfection

This gal really can do it all (Twitter: @zendaya)

If you’re not already obsessed with Zendaya – the Disney Channel star turned red carpet darling – then you’re about to be. Whether you loved her in Spider-Man, The Greatest Showman or remember her from her Shake It Up days, this woman literally has it all. She’s a fashion icon, a brilliant actress, an amazing dancer and an equal rights activist. Oh, and did we mention she’s only 21 years old?

Now, we know what you’re thinking… isn’t she absolute perfection aaaall the time? Absolutely, but there have been a few occasions where we’ve literally gagged on Zendaya’s down right amazingness. So join us as we count down just a few of her finest moments, with plenty more yet to come, we’re sure.

1. When she slayed Dancing With The Stars at the age of 17

She made it all the way to final and it’s not hard to see why…

2. When she turned up to the Met Gala dressed as Joan of Arc

Only so many people can pull off this look and Zendaya is definitely one of them.


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3. When she called out a magazine for airbrushing her body

You tell ’em, Zen!

4. When she showed us all that natural hair is beautiful

Curl power!

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5. When she did a better Bruno Mars than Bruno Mars on Lip Sync Battle

Her impression is beyond spot on.

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6. When she told us all she’s feminist af

Sending great messages to women and girls 24/7.

Self explanatory… #internationalwomensday

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7. When she called out colourism live on stage at BeautyCon 2018

“I am Hollywood’s acceptable version of a black girl.”

8. When she joined the Women’s March to protest Trump

She marched alongside around one million other men and women.

Proudly a part of herstory

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9. When she released music and it was actually good

‘Replay’ really doesn’t get the credit it deserves.

10. And finally, when she literally looked like a runway model at New York Fashion Week

That’s right, she wasn’t even walking in the show, just stopping by to watch looking 💯🔥.

Thought I’d just stop by NYFW, hope you didn’t mind.

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