Do Not Ask Tom Hiddleston About Taylor Swift

Tom Hiddleston

Try as he may to erase the image of him standing in the sea, a wet white vest reading ‘I <3 TS’ clinging to his body, Tom Hiddleston just can’t make anyone unsee it.

Least of all interviewers who have routinely asked him about his former romance with Taylor Swift during the promotional rounds for new film Kong: Skull Island.

One interview that particularly wound him up was on American TV show ‘Today’ with Savannah Guthrie.

In reference to his recent GQ cover story, in which he confirmed their relationship was 100 per cent “real” and not an embarrassing publicity stunt, Guthrie asked: “What it was like to go through that all and being in the public eye?”

Cue Hiddleston becoming visibly uncomfortable, before politely stating:

“I make a clear distinction between my work, which I absolutely dedicate myself to, which is for the public. I really believe in that relationship between an actor and the audience. You can’t call yourself an actor without the audience. And my private life is private.”

Apart from all those public declarations about his private life, of course.

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He recently gave a Telegraph interviewer a similar message when he was asked whether he regrets his relationship with Swift.

“I would rather not talk about this if that’s alright,” he told them.

Bet he can’t wait for the Swift break-up song about him to be released.