Tips For Juggling A Busy Career And Time With The Girls

When you’re just starting out in the unflinchingly-brutal post-graduation world of full-time work, the daily hustle can become all-consuming surprisingly quickly.

Although you may be loving your new job and are determined to climb the ladder as quickly as possible, you probably didn’t expect the journey to be quite so alienating.

With all the relentless networking, late nights in the office and ever-growing workloads. There may come a moment in your early career where you realise that your closest friends have drifted out of the picture, pushed aside by your new ambitions.

This should never be the case, as you’ll live to regret it if you lose that vital support network, so making time for your girls is just as important as ever during those manic early years of your career.

Here’s some tips on how to juggle the two.

Be Forceful

tips friends

While you may feel like the busiest person in the world at times, you can pretty much guarantee that many of your gal pals are feeling the exact same way, which is why organising a group trip to the nearest Chipotle restaurant can sometimes feel like a Homerian task requiring the very best of your organisational skills.

This is why being forceful is the greatest asset you can have when maintaining those all-important friendships. Set dates and make sure people stick to them and be the proactive one when it comes to putting together the social calendar.

Your friends might not be inviting you to stuff because they know how busy you are – don’t be afraid to demand some after-work drinks at a place of your choosing.

Mealtimes are Key

tips friends

Food is always the ultimate bonding experience and, although organising a 9-person trip to Pizza Express can be a pain, there are much simpler ways that meal times can keep you in touch with your besties.

If you’re in the same city, making a point of meeting up over lunch breaks, whether that means sitting in the park with a meal deal or grabbing some Mexican food.

Alternatively, you can keep things as low-effort as possible for everyone involved by swinging by their place after work and ordering in some​ Deliveroo, catching up like you did at uni over burritos and Prosecco.

Breaking bread and socialising over food is an ideal way to fit your social life into your busy schedule and if you get to eat awesome food at the same time, then that’s a double-win.

Merge the Two Together

Work-life balances are absolutely crucial, and you should always make sure your work life and your personal life stay separate. That being said, when you’re going through an exceptionally busy period and aren’t seeing your friends as much, blurring the boundaries between work and play is an effective fix.

How many free events have you been to as part of your job? Or networking drinks? Or awards nights? All of which could have been made more fun if you’d invited your girls along too. Even just offering to show them around the office before you go to lunch is a good way to integrate your social life into a busy period.

Always make time for your friends, as they’re the ones who’ll make you feel better when you need support, rather than that report you spend two weeks writing.