GIFs and memes have been our go-to for virtually telling someone how we feel for yonks. We even thought we had it all when a middle finger emoji was released. But Tinder has managed to go one better for us ladies and enable us to throw a virtual drink at our matches – should they end up being a bit well, crap.

Yep that’s right, the dating app has finally given us women the power in the form of its latest messaging update. According to the dating app company, “[We’re] introducing Tinder Reactions – because reactions speak louder than words”.

The update to these Tinder Reactions is actually a part of the app’s new “Menprovement Initiative” – which is really just a way for the creators to give women “all the tools they need to deal with douchebags” – can we get a round of applause?

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So what’s the Menprovement Initiative all about? I hear you ask. Well, take a look at this video and let Tinder explain it all for you:

There are eight new Tinder Reactions – and you’ll be pleased to hear that five of those are exclusive to women. So if you feel like your new Tinder match is more creepy than cutesy, you’ll have a great new way to deter their behaviour before you get one of those “Send me nudes” messages arriving to your inbox.

Overall this sounds pretty fun since no one actually gets hurt (or wet), and none of us would really suggest throwing an Aperol Spritz over our potential date IRL. And not just because we wouldn’t waste a delicious drink on someone we don’t like. But will it really send the message loud and clear to those “douchebags” as Tinder calls them? Probably not, but we guess it’ll give you that five minutes of fun before you block them from contacting you ever again.