Tie Dye Hair Is The Big, Bold Hair Trend Of The Summer

tie dye hair
Tie dye locks are bold and beautiful! (IG: @classydoesmyhair)

Colourful locks have been in vogue for a while now, from neon yellow to hidden rainbows, but now bold ‘dos have gone to the extreme – and we love it.

Get ready for the newest hair trend that’s about to take over your Instagram feed, which is kinda like unicorn hair, but on acid. Say hello to tie dye hair.

Nope, your eyes aren’t deceiving you, this is a real dye job. Remember those t-shirts you used to buy on holiday as a kid? Or the ones you used to make in your art lessons with a few elastic bands and giant vats of colour? It’s basically that, but for your hair.

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Doesn’t it look incredible? If you’re really into colourful hair at the moment, but can’t decide on just one shade, then tie dye hair is a great way to experiment with multiple colours at once!

The Technique

But how is it done, we hear you ask? There are a few different ways to achieve this effect, which aren’t actually too different to you art class t-shirt method.

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You can reach for hairbands, tie up sections of your hair you want to keep free from dye and just work the colour into the exposed parts, like in this tutorial by Rickey Zito. It’ll leave you with bands of your base colour, surrounded by amazing bright strands.

Or you can try the tape method, as explained by hair stylist Kelsey Pebler, which involves laying tape flat onto parts of your hair to shield it from colour, leaving you with stripes of your base shade between your new bold locks. She also explains that with pre-lightening – which is a must for this effect (unless you already have light blonde hair) – the whole process takes around seven hours, so prepare yourself for a long day locked in your bathroom!

If you’ve never bleached your hair before, be sure to read our expert guide on home bleaching that won’t kill you hair first.

Another great tip from Pebler is to only rinse your hair with cold water when you’re finishing up, as it’ll prevent the bright shades running into one another and ruining the whole effect.

While you might think it looks hard to maintain (and you’d be right), make sure you use semi-permanent dyes as they’ll fade out gradually and enable you to dye back over your lightened hair with your favourite colour of the whole bunch.

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Good luck and happy tie dyeing!