This Secret Hack Removes Adverts From Instagram

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There are many annoying things in life – and Instagram adverts are just one of them.

But while this is clearly a #firstworldproblem, it is one that can now be fixed. Whoop!

Thanks to a sneaky new trick, you can be free to scroll through pictures of your mate’s Primark bargain and stalk your ex’s new flame (come on, we all do it…) without being bothered by an annoying ad.

So what do you need to do?

Next time you see an advert, click on the ‘report’ button. This is displayed as three little dots on the top, righthand side of the offender.

When Instagram asks what you want to do, click ‘hide this’. If you select ‘It’s inappropriate’, followed by ‘It’s spam’, the ad should disappear.

Rumour has it, that if you do this to just two or three more adverts, you will be free forever.

You’d best get scrolling…


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