This One Simple Trick Will Make Your Foundation Look A Lot Better

We all do things in a hurry, whether it’s slinging on whatever t-shirt is clean and nearby, or leaving your hair to dry naturally and hoping it looks half decent by the time you reach uni. But how about your makeup? Ever done your face in record time, only to check yourself out in the mirror an hour later and think WTF has happened? Why am I so bloomin’ orange? Yeah, we feel ya.

Thankfully there’s a new trick that’ll help you avoid this, discovered by one eagle-eyed Redditor.

Sometimes, you’ll apply your foundation and it’ll look fabulous all day. Sometimes you’ll apply it, and it’ll look patchy and orange. Now we know that this is no accident – it’s actually down to one very simple thing you may have missed.

Your foundation could just need a good shake

The trick

In the Reddit thread, people have experienced this orange curse with Smashbox and Fenty Beauty’s liquid foundations, when all they actually needed was a good hard shake.

If you read the back of a foundation bottle, a lot of them say ‘shake before use’ on the label, and for a very good reason. Leave your foundation to settle and you might see different pigments come through at different times, rather than a good even mix of the whole product. That’s why sometimes all you need to do is shake the container for 20-30 seconds to bring it back to life.

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Try it next time you’re doing your face and see if it makes a difference!

However, if your foundation is over six months old, it may be changing shade as a result of oxidation. This process occurs when makeup meets the air, causing the same colour-changing reaction as leaving a sliced apple out in the open for too long. As air can even get into your makeup container, it may be discoloured before it even hits your face.

So if your foundation shade seems off and shaking it doesn’t help, then it’s probably time to buy yourself a new foundation!