This Is Officially The UK’s Favourite Ice Lolly, And Seriously WTF?

favourite ice lolly
Our nation prefers a chocolate-covered ice lolly (Pexels)

Aaaaah, the Great British summer.

We’ve had a pretty solid run of hot weather recently, and what’s better on a warm, sunny day than an ice-cold lolly? A day off work would be nice, but in lieu of that, we’ll stick to something sweet from the freezer.

And now, in very important data work, YouGov Omnibus has found out which lolly us Brits reach for in a heatwave. We’d expect something fresh, cool and fruity, but alas, the nation has surprised us with a richer, less refreshing choice.

Britain’s Favourite Ice Lollies

That’s rice, according to the survey, 28 per cent of us favour a chocolate and ice cream combo classic: the Magnum.

Firstly, is it even a lolly? We’re not convinced, but still, it’s the UK’s most popular choice for a cold desert on a stick. But age seems to be a big factor here, with 42 per cent of people surveyed aged 65 or older opting for a Magnum, while only 12 per cent of 18-24 year olds chose the chocolatey treat. It’s like Brexit all over again…

Meanwhile, other freezer classics Fab and Solero came in joint second place, both taking 8 per cent of the vote.

The Twister then came in third place – a lolly which is seriously underrated, FYI – being named as a favourite of just seven per cent of the population. The youth are pretty much to thank for its ranking in this case, as 11 per cent of 18-24 year olds cited it as their lolly of choice, compared to just two per cent of those aged 50 and over.

Following closely behind is the Feast, another so-called ‘ice lolly’ we kinda forgot existed. We don’t know about you, but layers of chocolate ice cream covered in nuts is less of a summer lolly, more of a rich post-roast dinner desert.

One thing’s for sure, the UK is a huge fan of Walls’ creations, as four of the top five lollies are produced by the food giant – all but Nestlé’s Fab.

All we’re hoping for is more sunny days so we can enjoy all of these lollies for a lot longer.