Theresa May signs DUP deal: It’s a pretty gross day for UK politics

The Prime Minister Meets DUP Leader At Downing Street
Theresa May signs a deal with the DUP - Photo by Getty

While Jeremy Corbyn was pulling pints “for the many” at Glastonbury over the weekend, Theresa May was quietly finalising selling the Conservative government’s soul to the Northern Irish Democratic Unionist Party, otherwise known as the DUP.

It’s taken almost two weeks for the Prime Minister to negotiate a deal with the 10 MPs from the controversial party, who are anti-abortion, anti-same sex marriage, climate change deniers and supported by terrorist paramilitary groups. More fun facts about Arlene Foster and co here.

May needed the support of the DUP to boost Conservative numbers after the party failed to secure a majority government in the snap General Election on 8 June.

Unlike the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats in 2010, the two parties will not agree a formal coalition. However, the DUP have, according to the BBC, accepted an offer of £1billion extra funding over two years for Northern Ireland in exchange for backing Tory bills through Parliament.

Naturally, the deal’s gone down on social media like a lead balloon. It appears the much-fabled Magic Money Tree has been quietly growing at No.10 all along:

Does anyone else feel a bit sick right now? We’re going back to bed.

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