Does Theresa May Admitting She Cried Over Election Results Really Make Her More Human?

Theresa May Delivers A Speech On Modern Working Practices
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For those of you watching the news intently to catch the May-bot twitching and repeating itself over and over again after malfunctioning in the heat of the General Election, we have a tiny bit of evidence that she might me a human being after all. The Prime Minister admitted to Radio 5 Live’s Emma Barnett today that she did shed a “little tear” when she learned that her bid to win a larger Conservative majority had spectacularly failed.

“It took a few minutes for it to sink in,” she said after husband Philip told her the Exit Poll results. “We didn’t see that result coming”.

“My husband gave me a hug,” she added.

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She did not watch the exit poll herself, however, admitting she has “a little bit of superstition about things like that”.

The end result of the election she called in order to “strengthen her hand” during the Brexit negotiations was 22 fewer Conservative sets in the House of Commons and a nose-dive in popularity in the opinion polls.

“I didn’t consider stepping down because I felt there was a responsibility to ensure that the country still had a government,” May continued.

However, she said that she did not regret calling the election because she thought “it was the right thing to do at the time”.

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Says all of us after a messy night out ever.

But before you feel too sorry for her, let’s remember her remarkable discovery of the Magic Money Tree in order to strike a billion-pound deal with the anti-abortion, homophobic DUP in order to keep power, while voting in the Commons not to increase pay for public sector workers, like nurses and firefighters.

Acknowledging the urgent need for a new Domestic Violence act in England and Wales is great, but so far we have promise of a draft and no timescale for its completion.

We also have no promise to increase police numbers in Britain despite a desperate shortage and rising terror threat levels , continuing austerity that disproportionately affects women and an entire generation of WASPIs being told they need to train for new jobs rather than receive the pensions they’ve been promised.

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Where’s the humanity in that?

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