There’s Now A ‘Thong Jeans’ Halloween Costume

Thong Jeans
Say hello to this year's most revealing costume (

Every year, pop culture permeates our Halloween celebrations, resulting in some absolutely brilliant up-to-the-minute looks. While 2017 is sure to be the year of the Pennywise costume, there’s now another even more current outfit that’s sure to win first prize at any party.

You guessed it. Say hello to the ‘thong jeans’ Halloween costume.

If you’re a little bit confused about this whole thing, let us fill you in. Just last week, Tokyo-based designer Thibaut debuted the eye-catching denim design at Amazon Fashion Week Tokyo, with the jeans quickly breaking the internet thanks to their barely-there composition.

Let’s just say, good underwear is a must.

Now, in what is probably the quickest turnaround EVER, lingerie e-tailer has added a ‘thong jeans’ costume to its already stellar collection. The whole outfit is currently available for $59.95 (around £45), complete with a nude bodysuit to finish the look.

As it’s coming from overseas, it may not reach you in time for this week’s Halloween celebrations, so here’s an idea: save yourself the £45 by cutting up an old pair of jeans yourself, and grab a cheap nude bodysuit in pretty much any high street shop. You’re welcome.

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