There’s Now An Airline For Millennials And It Sounds Pretty Amazing

The new airline has everything from craft beer to VR headsets (istock)

If you’re young, love travel, but hate the basicness of budget airlines, then this latest bit of news is sure to brighten up your day. Say hello to Joon, the all-new airline aimed at millennials.

It’s the brainchild of Air France, formulated with a focus on everything millennials love and care about, from the environment to craft beer. For starters, its staff will be dressed in electric blue (nope, not millennial pink!) uniforms made from 60 per cent recycled plastic, bumping up its eco-friendly credentials.

And then there’s the in-flight menu, which we’re a little *too* excited about. Fancy cocktails have been created especially for Joon in conjunction with the Experimental Cocktail Club, while French craft beer Le Parisienne, organic coffee and other soft drinks are available on board – and they’re all completely free!

Meals will also be free to business class passengers, but will come at an extra charge for economy class travellers.

When it comes to entertainment, you’ll find the usual back-of-seat screens on long haul flights, plus you have the option to stream films and shows for free on personal devices. But what would a hipster airline be without a bit of VR? That’s right, passengers will even ben able to rent virtual reality headsets to watch a selection of 2D, 3D or VR films.

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Cool and cheap

Joon currently flies to great European destinations, including Berlin, Lisbon, Rome, Barcelona, Istanbul, Naples and Olso, as well as the likes of Cairo, Tehran, Brazil and Mumbai a little further afield. And although it’s not marketing itself as a budget airline, its fares fall comfortably into the affordable category, with one-way tickets starting at €39 (£34) and long-haul trips starting at €249 (£218).

We don’t know about you, but we’re off to book our tickets and grab some free cocktails right now!