There’s A New App That Stops You Getting A Hangover

A helpful hangover minimiser has arrived (Shutterstock)

Hallelujah! Someone has finally focused their attention on the most important medical mystery of our time: how to stop a hangover. OK, maybe not the *most* important, but it’s one thing we could definitely do without.

While the simple option might be just not drinking alcohol — and it’s always the approach we’d recommend — a new app has allegedly come up with a solution that could allow you to have your VK and down it too.

Called Hydrate NOW, it’s pretty obvious what this app does. Throughout your sesh, it sends you several push notifications, reminding you to drink water regularly so you don’t get dehydrated. As alcohol is a diuretic, it causes you to expel fluids at quite a rapid rate (which is why you pee a lot on a night out), and they need replacing with something that’s not just more alcohol. It’s this dehydration that makes you wake up in the morning (or mid-afternoon, if you’ve gone really hard) feeling like an absolute zombie.

The app reminds you to drink water regularly (Shutterstock)

Claiming to do “God’s work”, Hydrate NOW basically encourages the old fashioned method of alternating between water and booze to keep hangovers at bay. Whether or not it’s a completely failsafe approach, we don’t know, but it’s definitely got to be better than a round of shots followed up by a large glass of wine.

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The app is only available to iPhone users over the age of 17 at the moment, but if you’re not in that club, you can still find plenty of advice on how to get over a hangover from an actual nutritionist right here.

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