The Sassiest Stocking Fillers Around That Will Make You Wish You Were On The Good List This Christmas

stocking fillers for women

The holidays are comin’ and that means presents (and joy, giving, family…blah blah blah!). Did we mention presents though? And whether you’re compiling your own wish list or you’re on the hunt for stocking fillers for women, our advent calendar suggests the big day is edging ever closer so it’s time to close in on the goodies.

If you have not yet succumbed to the Christmas cheer, it’s about time because you want to be in Santa’s good books now don’t you? With his good books come gifts, which is pretty handy seeing as we’ve been making a list and checking it twice (sorry we couldn’t help ourselves). We have naturally placed the ubiquitous pony, dog and expensive car at the top (which we will continue to do every year in the hope that someone might cash in their life savings to appease us). But as for the more affordable gifts, we’ve found some goodies and we’re hoping it’ll help you create your wish list too.

Shevolution has hunted high and low to bring you the sassiest stocking fillers for women around ready for you to beg Santa for.

Stocking Fillers For Women


stocking fillers for women

The staple stocking gift. If we’re going to get socks we want happy ones! Happy Socks Big Dot Socks at House of Fraser, £10


stocking fillers for women

We hope to feel like a Princess if Santa brings us this revitalising mask.Disney Princess Refreshing Face Mask at Topshop, £4


stocking fillers for women

We know we’ll be feeling magical (and super toasty) in these bad boys. IWOOT Unicorn Slippers, £9.99

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stocking fillers for women

Well, we are like total babes so this beauty product seems pretty appropriate. BYBI Babe Balm 30ml at Asos


stocking fillers for women

Bottoms up! Shots of tequila will never look this cute again. 4 Mason Jar Shot Glasses at Matalan, £3


stocking fillers for women

Sparkly, red and super festive? This really is a bit of us. Kula Bazaar Pigalle nail polish at Love Lula, £15


stocking fillers for women

A pretty new home for all your new make-up goodies – thank you Skinnydip! Skinnydip Pineapple Print Make-Up Bag at Boots, £16


stocking fillers for women

Forget mistletoe and wine. Gin in baubles? Could you get any more Christmassy? The Lakes Gin Filled Baubles Gift Set at, £34.99


stocking fillers for women

It’s almost 2018, so start it with seriously soft hair and not split end central. ghd Advanced Split End Therapy Bauble at John Lewis, £15


stocking fillers for women

It gets pretty tired when we can’t find our keys you know like, every day, so thank you Santa! IWOOT Fetch My Keys Key Finder, £6.99


Hello lovely little lace bra. We’re going to be feeling super sassy this Christmas. Yas bralet at Topshop, £15


stocking fillers for women

Rose gold is everywhere right now. Throw in fairy lights and you’re onto a pretty and trendy winner to brighten up your room. Paperchase Gold Geo Wire Battery LED Fairy Lights, £12


stocking fillers for women

Want a Christmas gift that rocks? These glasses do, literally and it’s seriously cool. Trust us. 2 Thumbs Up Diamond Rocker Novelty Glasses at Amazon, £18.49

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stocking fillers for women

We mean, we’d be pretty disappointed in ourselves for not finishing our wine, but if we need to stopper it, why not do it with these cute stoppers? 2 Final Touch Flamingo Bottle Stoppers at John Lewis, £6


stocking fillers for women

Rock a festive red lip this Christmas so you can match Santa! Revlon Matte Lipstick Really Red at Superdrug, £6.99



stocking fillers for women

Never get your wine glasses confused again this party season with these hunky little men! Find Me A Gift Drinking Buddies Drink Markers, £7.99


stocking fillers for women

Rude, LOL or suggestive messages on the shared fridge? Why wouldn’t we want that? Lakeland Fridge Scrabble Tiles, £7.99



stocking fillers for women

We all love ourselves a little holiday and this scratch map means you can mark off exactly where we’ve been until we tick off the entire world. #goals Luckies Scratch Map at John Lewis, £7.99


Who doesn’t love a cheeky game of Never Have I Ever? Just don’t play it near your parents. Clintons Never Have I Ever Coasters, £4


stocking fillers for women

It’s gin and it’s pink. What more could we ever want? Edgerton Original pink dry gin 70cl at Amazon, £33


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