The Millennial Railcard Launched Today But You Will Need To Apply Quickly

26 30 railcard

Today, the new millennial railcard was released, providing discounted train travel to young people aged 26 to 31.

The one year digital railcard costs £30 and provides a third off fares in England, Scotland and Wales. However, as only 10,000 millennial railcards were released nationwide – yes really, the race is on to bag a railcard and the application website has already crashed.

However, it’s not good news for everyone, as the railcard cannot be used on season tickets, which many working and commuting young people buy to make daily travel to work slightly cheaper. There will also be a minimum fare of £12 on all journeys made before 10 am.

Despite these restrictions, if you do regularly travel off peak or over long distances, the new railcard could save you a packet.

Young people commuting in peak time won’t be able to use the discount (Shutterstock)

How Do I Apply?

To apply for the millennial railcard, firstly you will need to do so very quickly on the 26-30 Railcard website.

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And to be eligible, you must be between 26 and 30 years old.  Therefore you can still apply up until the evening before your 31st birthday and travel for a full year afterwards.

You will need ID – either a driving licence or passport, and have a digital passport-style photo.  The railcard must also be paid for by card.

Anything Else I Should Know?

This railcard is only available digitally so you will need to download the Railcard app.  We also recommend you charge your phone before you travel as the railcard wont be valid if it cannot be read. Yikes.

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