The Milkybar Kid Has Got Some Big News And We’re Not Sure How We Feel About It


Since we were able to chew, Milkybars have long been top of our list of food groups. Yes we said groups. So when Nestle top dogs announced they were changing the recipe after decades of a winning Milkybar kid formula, it’s safe to say we’re more than a little worried.


Why oh why are Nestle messing with a total classic? The answer of course is simple, it’s all for our health.

The Milkybar kid has long preached the benefits of milk in his adverts and now Nestle has listened, upping the milk content and reducing the sugar.

If you’re unsure of this big change to your favourite white chocolate bar you might want to nip into your local store ASAP and sweep the shelves because it’s all switching over this month. You just never know what horrors this change might bring. Our milky chocolate fix might never be the same again. It’s like The Potentially Horrifying News For KitKat Fans all over again.

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But how can I tell the difference between the new and old bars?

milkybar kid
Courtesy: Nestle
milky bar
Courtesy: Nestle

The new bars will have the label ‘Milk is now our No.1 ingredient’, so watch out for it.

Of course we might be overreacting a smidge.  ‘Only the best is good enough’ after all when it comes to the Milkybar kid and he hasn’t got it wrong before now has he?

The percentage of milk has increased from 26% to 37.5% which sounds pretty great and has allowed the company to remove sugar. However, the impact on the taste is still unknown. Maybe our favourite snack will be just as good and keep our waistlines from expanding? It would be the ideal outcome. The new products will remain free from artificial flavours, colours, preservatives and sweeteners. You could almost call it healthy chocolate, right? Not quite, but we can dream.

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Fiona Kendrick, chairwoman and chief executive of Nestle UK and Ireland told The Telegraph: “We have used our strength in research and innovation to develop a great recipe that replaces some sugar with more of the existing, natural ingredient that people know and love. We have added more milk to the recipe, which has been at the heart of Milkybar ever since it was launched in 1936.”

Still, whatever concern over the unknown you’re feeling, it’s still better news than them downsizing. We’re fed up of our chocolate bars shrinking, wishing we had Willy Wonka’s chocolate re-sizing machine to blow them back up again. So if one thing is certain it’s that your Milkybar won’t be changing in that respect.

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milky bars

Fun Milkybar Kid Facts

  • The Milkybar has been around since 1936
  • It is Nestle’s 11th oldest brand
  • The Milkybar Kid made his first appearance in 1961
  • The first Milkybar kid was played by Terry Brooks
  • Milkybar comes in regular bar form as well as in packs of Milkybar buttons
  • Each year over 1.9 billion Milkybar buttons are sold in the UK which is enough for every man, woman and child in the country  to have 30 Buttons each!

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What do you think about the change? Let us know once you’ve compared and tweet us here.

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